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HDPE Structured Pipes - Sewer / Drainage Series

Pipes for drainage and sewerage civil and industrial non-pressure underground, according to EN 13476-3.

DOUBLE is a coextruded pipe double-walled, it is corrugated outside and smooth inside, made of 100% polyethylene (PE), high density (HD)> 930 kg/m3.. The PE is a polymer with high impact resistance which does not embrittle at low temperatures, and it offers an excellent inertness to chemical agents with a value abrasion among the highest compared to other materials.
DOUBLE is connectable with the joint and elastomeric gaskets.
DOUBLE with its particolasre geometric shape has a high resistance to deformation, infact it is made in two classes of rigidity:
Class SN 4 kN/m2, capable of withstanding a covering, tops equal to 6 m (measured from the upper generatrix of the tube), and a heavy traffic up to a maximum of 18 t / axis;
Class SN 8 kN/m2, which bears a covering of heights, over 6 m, and a heavy traffic exceeding 20 t / axle.
DOUBLE is an extremely versatile product, allows to connect it with any type of existing pipe.

DOUBLE is easy to move for its light weight, which facilitates storage, handling and installation.

DOUBLE has the outer wall black in order to offer a high stability to light and the inner wall blue to improve the quality of any visual inspections within the duct.



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