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PVC Pipes and Fittings - Building Series / Rain Series

PVC SUPER "Type 302" | PVC NORMAL "Type 300" | PVC PLUVIO

Polyvinyl chloride pipes used in civil and industrial pipelines for discharge of waste water and ventilation ducts and pipes. For ventilation ducts and collecting rain, as well as discharge of waste water in which the maximum temperature of the fluids conveyed is 50 ° C are used PVC pipes NORMAL "TYPE 300" and the PVC pipes pluvio, while if the maximum temperature permanent of the fluids conveyed is 70 ° C are preferred PVC pipes SUPER "TYPE 302" as well as in the case of discharges discontinuous with the normal flow of domestic appliances in which the maximum temperature becomes 95 ° C for a duration of not greater than 1 minute. In the case of industrial discharges the material's resistance to the action of the fluids conveyed at the temperature of use must be evaluated case by case. Generically, however, the PVC can withstand without problems in industrial discharges of chemical compounds within the pH range between 2 (acids) and 12 (alkali) as long as the temperature and duration of the discharges are those listed above.


The pipes must be lifted with slings suitable means or through bolts (made with hemp ropes and bands, nylon or similar). You have to avoid the drag pipes on asphalt floors, on the ground and on hard objects and sharp. The stacking of the tubes must be done on a flat surface with no sharp edges and substances that could affect the tubes.
At low temperatures must be borne in mind that, by increasing the possibility of breakage for the PVC pipes, all the operations of handling (transport, stacking, installation, etc.) Must be carried out with greater caution.

Installation Guide:

Please refer to the publication n ° 8- Installation of waste PVC in buildings-Institute Italian Plastic - IIP".
It should be noted that, since the coefficient of expansion of the PVC 0.06 mm / m ° C, for a bar from 3 m with a temperature rise of 50 ° C, will have an elongation of 9 mm
(0.06X3X50 = 9mm).



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