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PVC Pipes and Fittings - Sewer Series

Tubes of rigid polyvinyl chloride (= non-plasticized PVC-U) for underground drainage and sewerage non-pressure to the outside of the building structure (application area code "U"), is buried within the structure of the building (the area of application code "D") both outside the building.
The pipes are suitable to convey
• Discharges of civil and industrial waste water not under pressure (water white, black and mixed)

• industrial waste, agricultural and waste water in general, the limit of the chemical resistance of
material (see ISO / TR 7473).
Pipes are produced in Polyvinyl chloride (obtained by polymerization of vinyl chloride gas
monomer-CVM), a very versatile material that lends itself to a practically unlimited number of usages, particularly for the exceptional compatibility with different types of additives (stabilizers, plasticizers, lubricants, fillers, pigments, etc.)..
Depending on the type of application in which it is used, the PVC can assume different characteristics, and thus be rigid or flexible, compact or porous, opaque or transparent, colorless or colored, and more.
Suitably associated with the additives suitable, therefore, the PVC unfolds a wide range of excellent properties:
• Fire resistance (fire retardant is by nature)
• Resistance to aging (internal and surface)
• Resistance to chemicals
• It is insulated
• It has good mechanical properties (stiffness and / or impact resistance)
• You scratch
• Allows a high level of finish
• Not affect the healthy (non-toxic)
• It is waterproof
• It is transparent

The pipes must be lifted with slings or through appropriate means of fixing (made with hemp ropes and bands, nylon or similar). You must avoid dragging tubes of asphalt floors, on the ground and on hard objects and sharp.
The stacking of the tubes must be done on a flat surface with no sharp edges and agents that
could corrode the pipes.
At low temperatures it must be remembered that, increasing the likelihood of failure for the PVC pipes, all the operations of handling (transport, stacking, installation, etc.) Must be carried out with greater caution.


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